Dock Lifts & Equipment

Overhead Door Company of Knoxville offers custom-installed hydraulic lifts and levelers for companies in need of reliable solutions for their loading docks and warehouses.

The Best Loading Dock Equipment AND the Best Service…

We have partnered with Serco, a leader in the loading dock and warehouse solution industry. Serco is a trusted brand with nearly 60 years of experience and expertise. It is trusted by thousands of companies to engineer and deliver solutions that maximize productivity, safety, profitability, and sustainability.

Overhead Door Company of Knoxville is a trained and approved distributor for Serco. We can evaluate your company’s needs and deliver a customized solution using Serco’s proven technology.

Serco’s equipment is backed by a manufacturer’s warranty and requires professional installation.

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Quality Dock Equipment from Overhead Door Company of Knoxville

LoadWarrior® Hydraulic Dock Lift:

These dock lifts help keep loading operations efficient and productive, and are perfect for situations where space is limited. They provide a space-efficient alternative to dock wells and concrete ramps, cost a fraction of the price of a fork lift, and accommodate a wide variety of truck styles.

Dock lifts can be installed in front of existing loading docks, or inside a warehouse or building.

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The Loadwarrior® Hydraulic Dock Lift features:

• 4,000-20,000 pound capacities
• A safety tread steel deck
• Beveled toe guards
• Removable, mandrel-formed handrails
• Additional safety devices: upper travel limit switch and velocity fuses for preventing uncontrolled descent

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LoadWarrior® Rail Lift

Rail lifts are an ideal solution when a surface-mounted lift is required. Serco’s Rail Lift is self-contained, easy to relocate, and simple to install.

The Loadwarrior® Rail Lift features:

• 2,500-25,000 pound capacities
• Self-contained power unit/control panel
• Direct-thrust cylinders for constant velocity lift
• Velocity fuses to prevent uncontrolled descent
• Self-locking safety/maintenance pin

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LoadWarrior® Level-Lift

The Level-Lift combines the speed and efficiency of a hydraulic dock leveler with the versatility of a scissors lift, eliminating the need for dedicated docks with concrete ramps or dock lifts. It can service any range of vans or trucks up to 59” above grade level.

The Load Warrior® Level-Lift features:

• 12,000-20,000 pound capacity lift
• 50,000 pound capacity leveler
• Regenerative hydraulics
• Powered lip control
• Safety velocity fuse
• Remote push-button hand control
• Scissor lift versatility
• Side and rear weatherseal
• Additional safety devices: guard rail package, onboard LED light system, automatic off-switch warning alarm

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LoadWarrior® Truck Leveler

Truck Levelers allow any height of truck to unload directly onto a loading dock. Serco Truck Levelers raise or lower trucks via the rear wheels.

LoadWarrior® Truck Leveler Features:

• Push-Button Activation
• 24” vertical range
• High pressure hose
• Synchronized lift cylinders
• Additional Safety features: beveled toe guards, wheel restraint system, and velocity fuses

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